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Sen and Kai Manga – Chapter 4

Remember where Chapter 3 ended with Sen & Kai being attached by some flying thing? Let's see what happens to them next.
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Sen and Kai Manga – Chapter 1

Very excited to publish the first three Chapters of Sen & Kai Manga for everyone to read for FREE on this site. You can read Chapter 1 right now!
chapter 2

Sen and Kai Manga – Chapter 2

Sen & Kai Manga Chapter 2 just Published! Go read it. If you haven't already read Chapter 1, go read it first and tell us what you think will happen in Chapter 2.

Sen and Kai Manga – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 just published! Go read it now. We'd love to hear what you think.  

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Wanna see what Sen & Kai look like cosplaying different characters from these popular manga & anime such as Bleach Manga, Bakuman, Death Note, or Black Rock Shooter just to name a few?